Vortex - gaming in the cloud

Vortex - gaming in the cloud

No need to install, affordable and easy access to carefully selected games, possibility to play wherever you wish. The role of Vortex in the gaming industry.

Vortex is among MCI portfolio companies (Internet Ventures). Its owners created a cloud gaming platform, which gives subscribers the opportunity to play chosen games without installing them. What is more, Vortex adapts games designed originally for PCs to versions compatible with mobile devices.

Few years ago cloud computing platforms were in crisis. However, technology on which cloud gaming is based had been improved over these years. Nowadays more and more users have better Internet connection and even mobile Internet is stable and fast. This is the main reason gamers decided to give some attention to cloud gaming again.

Although gaming industry is growing rapidly and generates enormous revenues by selling the most popular games in tens of billion units, not each gamer can afford to buy them. The problem here is a hardware – according to the research, only 19% of all Steam users possess a computer good enough to play games from AAA category – this with the best computer graphics. This is where Vortex found its market – space for cloud services.

Subscribing for $9,99 montly creates the opportunity for testing new demos and enables promoting less popular games.

Vortex expands its activity – now the platform is available in most of the European countries, US and South America and even in Indonesia. The company is currently focused on extending their list of available games and works on quality and speed of data transfer rate.

More info available: www.spidersweb.pl
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