War for talents between banks and finteches

War for talents between banks and finteches

Many of the financial institutions are facing a hard battle to attract and keep best talents out there, with fintech companies becoming an attractive employers.

High tempo of hiring among high-tech finance startups look as is here to stay.

As Bloomberg informs, a number of established companies from London is seeking to open offices outside of UK, in order to be able to hire the staff they need.

They often opt for startups, that also offer a totally different company culture. An example of such a company, is MarketInvoice, one of fintech representatives in MCI portfolio.

For this British online lender, about three-quarters of its 85 employees — roughly a third of which are software engineers and data scientists — came from a large corporate in the financial services, as Anil Stocker, CEO and Founder, indicated.

The difference in corporate cultures also mean, that projects can be implements fast in new technology companies, so the effects are visible way sooner.

Azimo, UK-based remittance company, also in MCI portfolio, from the very start decided to run its R&D center in Cracow, due to better access to IT professionals. Yet its worth mentioning, that also in Poland this talent-base has its limits, and even the most attractive international employers are starting to vote they problems with filling up the vacancies in IT.

Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-01-23/banks-and-fintechs-are-duelling-in-a-war-for-talent
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