Uber's Potential Expulsion From London Benefits Gett

Uber's Potential Expulsion From London Benefits Gett


London’s surprise decision to revoke Uber’s license to operate a ride-hailing service in the city may prove a boon for other operators, and could even present a juicy opportunity for Lyft to kick off its long-awaited international expansion.

If Uber loses its appeal of London’s order, the 3.5 million people who use the app at least once every 90 days will be up for grabs to services like Volkswagen-backed Gett, which connect users with traditional taxis and black cabs. Of course, those pricier services may not appeal to everyone, and many will be left taking the tube, walking or cycling. Both of the companies are already well established in London.

So far Gett generates most of its revenue from B2C services, while the significant competitive edge of its business model comes from B2B services. Thanks to its reach and quality of service, Gett works with more than 2 thousand global enterprises, including the largest corporations in the world. Company is part of MCI portfolio since 2015.



MCI.TechVentures recapitalised NaviExpert and raised PLN 40 mln 

MCI.TechVentures remains main shareholder at NaviExpert. At the same time taking advantage of very good finansial results of NaviExpert, MCI conducted recapitalisation with a fund co-managed by Credit Value Investment (CVI). This project allowed to obtain PLN 40 mln that