Artificial intelligence in e-commerce
Artificial intelligence in e-commerce

Artificial intelligence in e-commerce is one of the companies in MCI portfolio that is successfully implementing artificial intelligence in its e-commerce business.

They use machine learning in order to increase gross profit, remaining in competitive price interval.  Program was analysing millions of data in order to choose the most optimized price. Despite achieving the main objective, increase in gross profit, usage of AI resulted as well in 20% decrease in hours of human work. The ultimate goal is to get to 100% of mechanized process. 

Machine learning is a key trend for e-commerce, both in terms of pricing, managing stocks and marketing. Implementing the solutions from this area, will enable to use more wisely and freely Big Data in practise.

However, there are several barriers to AI adoption that may make implementation difficult. For many retailers, successfully leveraging AI will require partnering with third parties. Because of the barriers involved, employing an in-house strategy can be extremely costly and difficult. This has led to the rise of AI commerce startups, which can provide a more cost-effective approach to overhauling the customer experience.
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