waits for Amazon waits for Amazon

Polish Food e-commerce leader, part of MCI.TechVentures fund, is growing much faster than the market itself, created in 2006, is the leader of the Polish e-commerce in food products (e-grocery) and the largest company in this segment operating in online distribution only. The company is distinguished in the e-grocery segment by having the most modern completion center in Central Eastern Europe and the most advanced order processing system.

15-20%- that’s a growth pace for polish e-grocery market stated by Euromonitor International. With this said, only in 2019 Poles will spend more than 1mld PLN (0,6-0,7mld PLN at present). Last year company increased sales by 50%, among other things, thanks to the take over of part s clients from Alma24, competitor that closed down its website last year.

This year aims at 40% rise. The company, next to MCI, has a support of Eurocash as well.  Katarzyna Kazior, president of, claims that Polish market is barely at the beginning of it’s road. strategy still focuses on Warsaw market penetration, as long as we don’t double the sales in Warsaw. After this we can focus on expansion to the rest of Polish market, which we already operate. We estimate that in the next few years around 10% of capitals households will be regularly making online groceries.

Kararzyna Kazior, president of

According to founder, Witold Ferenc , a key to success is to create loyal customers as a cost of recruiting a new clients accounts for around 500zł. Last year increase their clients base by 1/3 with around 20% of loyal clients.

Company is still waiting for three major expansions steps that will be supported by MCI Capital and Eurocash. First one will be expansion of it’s warehouses, second one will be overcoming 150mln zł in sales and expansion to other Polish cities. Third one will be a debut of Amazon on Polish e-grocery market. Entry of Amazon causes surge in increase of turnover also for competition, as Berlin or Madrid examples shown.

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