MarketInvoice reached its record trading day as more businesses turn to alternative finance

MarketInvoice reached its record trading day as more businesses turn to alternative finance


With the sector expected to grow to as much as £12.3bn by 2020 avenues such as peer-to-peer (P2P) lending and invoice advancing are becoming a crucial source of finance for more and more UK businesses.

One of the biggest operators in the space in the UK, MarketInvoice, part of MCI representatives in FinTech industry , has enjoyed similar successes recently, to such an extent that the London-based firm has announced that 1st of August 2017 was its busiest trading day yet.

According to MarketInvoice, over £4m was advanced on its platform in a single day, far exceeding the £3.2m per day average and eclipsing the £3.1m it advanced on the same day last year

“We are pleased to be supporting businesses and confident that we can provide funding to them. Invoice finance is alive and well.

Anil Stocker

Anil Stocker, chief executive and co-founder of MarketInvoice described it as an ‘historic day’ for the FinTech firm.


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