Fixing the industry and moving forward

Fixing the industry and moving forward


The online payment systems and peer to peer payment apps are facing a growing interest. The remittances industry is something that affects 1 in 7 people globally.

Fintech companies are working on fixing a broken system that’s expensive, slow and inefficient. It has the power to change millions of people’s lives. That makes it an interesting space. Recently, more and more people are transferring to this modern, cheaper and quicker method of payment. Making a room for a apps to develop.

Example of such an expension is Klarna, that grew thanks to its e-commerce payment service. Now, the company has introduced peer-to-peer payment app and service.

Fintech is represented in MCI portfolio by eCard/Dotpay and mfind in Poland, and iZettle, MarketInvoice and Azimo.


MarketInvoice reached its record trading day as more businesses turn to alternative finance

With the sector expected to grow to as much as £12.3bn by 2020 avenues such as peer-to-peer (P2P) lending and invoice advancing are becoming a crucial source of finance for more and more UK businesses.One of the biggest operators in the space in the UK, MarketInvoice, pa