Phone transfers save lives in Somalia

Phone transfers save lives in Somalia


The phone transfers system in Somalia is very popular. It is used by NGOs to deliver money to people in need. The organizations give out to families regular phones, which do not have internet connection. The transfer is made with a code sent via SMS.

One of the NGO’s using this solution is the Polish Humanitarian Organization (PAH). It gives out its beneficiaries phones and registered SIM cards, so they keep track of the transactions. The operator receives a list with information about how much money he should transfer to the family’s account. The transfers can be scheduled monthly, quarterly or weekly.

According to PAH this solution is less expensive than distribution of food and stimulates the economy.

Azimo, a money transfer company, from MCI.TechVentures portfolio, has a similar mission and values. Allowing less expensive transfers from over 20 countries worldwide, more money gets spent where its really needed.