iZettle is signing 1,000 new businesses a day

iZettle is signing 1,000 new businesses a day


With the use of machine learning and AI the company can automatically handle massive volumes of merchants across a multitude of markets

The company operates across 12 markets globally, but its biggest market is the UK. iZettle employs around 500 people globally and is able to onboard so many new customers thanks to investment in machine learning.

iZettle's biggest priority at the moment is growth, both in the markets it already operates and potentially into new ones.

CEO and founder Jacob de Geer said to Business Insider Nordic: "I think you will see expansion. The question is really when, whether it's this year or next. The most logical next place is somewhere in Europe where we can leverage our existing regulatory approvals. Europe is still heavily underserved from a small business perspective."


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