Online grocecy in a breakthrough

Online grocecy in a breakthrough

The online-grocery market is poised for growth.

Katarzyna Kazior, CEO of online supermarket, argued during the 10th FMCG Market Congress that the online-grocery market is now at a point where a breakthrough is to be expected soon. E-grocery is still a short part of the total sales quota in the food industry, but the growth is accelerating and soon the industry will exceed the critical mass.
According to Katarzyna Kazior, in Europe, the growth rate of the food market is about 4%, while in e-grocery only Ocado grows by 15%. Within the last 12 months, the global e-grocery market grew by about 15% and reached a level of $50 billion. In 2025 it is forecasted to be three times larger.
South Korea and Japan are the global leaders in e-grocery. The United Kingdom is the European leader with a online-grocery market share of 7%. In Poland grocery online shops have a 0.7% market share. 

In Poland only about 2% of internet users buy their food online. Researches shows that one of the main barriers is the need of visual contact with the product. Another important barrier is the habit of shopping in traditional stores - statistical Poles are shopping even twice a day.

Katarzyna Kazior, CEO of

The biggest challenge for the online-grocery market is to convince customers to make their first step when it comes to shopping food online. Satisfaction also encourages consumers to recommend this form of shopping to others - there is a strong correlation between the number of complaints and the tendency of customers to recommend the site to others.
Source: Wiadomości Handlowe
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