Telematics step out of the shadow!

Telematics step out of the shadow!


This year could be a breakthrough for the telematics in Poland. Two projects starting this year. 

Two important insurance projects are starting this year. Both link the price of insurance policy to the driving style. First, YU!, started in January. It was created by Witold Jaworski (former vice president of PZU), Ergo Hestia and Yanosik app. The second is by Link4 (from PZU group) and NaviExpert . It officially started on April 24th. Krzysztof Kosiński from Link4 points out that they do not want punish drivers for bad driving but reward those who drive well (with up to 30% discount on personal liability insurance). During the pilot testing lasting for a year and a half, the application was downloaded more than 240,000 times. However, there were only 19,500 active users. The most popular prize selected by the users were fuel discounts.
Experts are positive. Paweł Kacperek (editor-in chief of the „Connected Life Magazine”) predicts 100,000 transport policies to be sold by the end of 2020. He also believes that distributors of such solutions may also include banks, telecommunications companies or start-ups.


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