RemoteMyApp launches Vortex, online service enabling streaming games via browser

RemoteMyApp launches Vortex, online service enabling streaming games via browser

Thanks to this revolutionary feature, even top quality games become available and playable via users’ Chrome browser even if their own PCs doesnt’ meet the hardware requirements.

Vortex was built from the ground up with gamers in mind. The premise behind Vortex is a content on demand library of computer games that users will be able to play on their TVs, computers, and mobile devices. With a flat fee per month of $10, Netflix-style, gamers can access top quality computer games in various genres (role playing games, first person shooters, real time strategy, MOBAs and more). 
What makes Vortex revolutionary is its Chrome-based service. The latest computer games will be available and playable via user’s Chrome browser, even if his or her own PC doesn’t meet the hardware requirements. This is achievable through using cloud platforms like Amazon’s AWS, and proprietary streaming protocols developed by RemoteMyApp.

What’s unique about our solution, is that we have succeeded in streaming games over a Chrome browser at a stable 45 FPS with no more than 35 milliseconds of delay.

Rafal Krochmal, RemoteMyApp’s CTO

Vortex is partnering with top tier IPTV companies to be included on a number of Smart TV devices, as well as selected Android set-top boxes. Vortex will be available in the next few weeks in selected operators in the US, as well as additional operators worldwide. In addition, the Vortex platform, or more specifically the tech that enables games to be played directly from a browser, will be powering leading game marketplaces such as Kinguin. 
RemoteMyApp, founded in 2014 in Szczecin (north-west Poland), is a portfolio company of one of the biggest CEE tech multi-funds – MCI Capital, via its VC fund – Internet Ventures.

We have been involved with the company since early 2016 and we are happy to help with the actual market debut of the technology, which we believe becomes next rapid global scale up.

Tomasz Danis, Internet Ventures Fund Manager at MCI Capital

Vortex - Cloud Gaming for PC, Android and iOS.

Spin up your game! Play computer games from the cloud on a browser, TV, or a phone. The awesome way!

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